The Otta Slate

Pillarguri Slate Quarry is majestically located in the heart of Gudbrandsdalen. 930 meters above sea level with a panoramic view of the mountain massifs Rondane and Jotunheimen. It is as if nature itself has directed this scene where the breach lies like a treasure chest in the mountain’s embrace. This is where Otta Skifer extracts raw material. The stone has been here for approx. million years and slowly but surely hardened and developed incredible strength and durability.

For centuries, when we have needed quality, we have chosen natural stone. Natural stone is one of the oldest building materials known to us. It is therefore no great surprise that slate is still valued for its strength, low maintenance and long life.

If you choose Ottaskifer, you choose quality.

Facts about the Otta slate


Otta slate is a phyllite slate, a layered slate


Otta slate comes in two types: Pillarguri and Otta Rust


Formed 460 million years ago


Climate resistant – lasts more than100 years


Freeze proof and acid resistant


Withstands high loads


The Otta slate is blue-black, almost black


Different surface shades are created from mica, hornblade and garnet


The top layers contain rust

What characterizes Ottaskifer?

The Otta slate is not only beautiful, it is also a practical solution for those seeking durability and precision. With rosettes formed from black amphibole crystals and garnet crystals, the Otta slate not only provides an aesthetic expression, but also a solid structure for your building.

The three-dimensional visual experience is not just for the eyes, it is also an expression of Ottaskifer’s reliability. Ideal for public buildings that that aim to distinguish themselves, and for private projects. Choose a stone that not only looks good, but also stands the test of time.

If you choose the Otta slate for outdoor use, you will find that your project is in a constant play of color. As the years go by, the Otta slate will change. We say that it ¨matures¨ until it gets its final patina. You can begin with a roof covered with the Otta slate, which is almost black, and after a few years the roof has acquired a reddish golden expression.

What use is Ottaskifer suitable for?

Ottaskifer is very suitable for use as a roof and facade. It also works well as an interior stone for floors and walls in all types of rooms. Get inspired by some of our previous projects.

Product information


We produce fixed measurements, falling lengths, thickness-adjusted (calibrated) and special measurements according to drawings.

Product range

Floor tiles, steps, flagstones/crazy paving, window sills, paving slabs, benches and tables, worktops for kitchens, fireplace slabs, moldings, strips, roof slates, facade slates, dry wall And the list goes on…


Natural, sawed, sanded and cut

Ottaskifer | Kanter | Saget, børstet og slipt


Natural, brushed, sanded and rust


Technical data

Provning av natursten

Product specifications

Otta Pillarguri fyllittskifer

The Otta slate is used on a number of exclusive buildings, shops and installations around the world

Cartier-, Porsche-, and Hearts On Fire-stores around the world

JP Plaza in Hong Kong

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

Boston Public Library, USA

University of Utrecht

The Jewish Museum in Berlin

Tautra Marian Monastery


Scandinavian Golf Club in Copenhagen

Ensjø subway station

The Munch Museum

Henie-Onstad Art Center in Oslo

Ørland kulturhus

Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Nordea Bank and NOVO Nordisk head office in Copenhagen